Dear Parents, Invest in your personal bond first, the financial bonds can wait!

Let me start by asking a question, “Who was your first friend in life”?

Now i asked this questions to a few friends of mine and they took a while only to dish out names of some friend they vaguely remembered from kindergarten. My next question was if they could tell me any memorable moments they had shared with this friend they mentioned. Most of them did not remember any special memory except for the fact that they either studied together or played together.

After a while i posted another question, “Would you like to share any memorable moments of the first 5 years of your life?”

When i posed this question, i saw a sweet smile on their faces and suddenly their eyes lit up. After this followed a series of cute little things they did with their parents. They told me how they would play with their Moms and how their Dads would take them out for ice creams, etc. This went on for a while as everyone had some sweet, some naughty and some emotional memories.

I am sure all you readers will also have plenty of things to share. Each one of us has fond memories of our early years, but the only constant in every story, is the role our parents played. Wasn’t our Mother the first person we ever played with? For the first few years of our lives, whom did we share all our secrets with? Who was the one who painted and danced with us? It was always them.

That is the first thing i say to the parents of these little ones. You have to be their friend. And not just a friend, try to be their best friend. If you form a strong bond right now, you’ll pave the way for a beautiful relationship in the future.

However, it isn’t easy to be a best friend. Of course a best friend loves and cares for you. But a best friend accepts you for who you are. He is your personal cheerleader at all times. A best friend doesn’t compare you with other friends, instead he believes in you.

Most parents say their children are their friends. But that is true only till they are playing or having fun together. When your child sees you as his/her best friend, they will pour their heart out to you, even their little mistakes. What do you do then? Do you scold them or do you hear them out and deal with it patiently? That is where the lines get blurred.

As a teacher, my children would come and share every little thing with me. Whether it was why their Mummy scolded them at home, why they had picked up a fight with another child or whether they had finished the assignment they were asked to do. The reason was simple. They saw a friend in me. And yes, there were times when they would tell me about some notorious thing they did and i could’ve taken a strict action. But i chose to say , “As your friend, i appreciate your kindness towards me and i would want my friend to be kind and good to others too.”

If you tell your child that you believe in them and appreciate their good qualities, you will raise a good human being. For no one, wants to let down their best friend. And you, dear parents, can be their best friend for life. If you invest in this friendship now, they will never let you down.