Dear Parents, I am your new friend to help you understand new age learning.

As an Early Years teacher, i have been working with little ones for quite some time now. I chose the teaching profession because i loved working children and so i have loved each day of my job. The minute i would step into my classroom, the children would come running to greet me and i would forget all the troubles in the world. That is how infectious their energy is and how overwhelming their love is. I am sure teachers and parents worldwide feel that way.

However, while working with the little ones, i realised how much times have changed. The education system has really changed overtime with the research that is being invested into it. It is more focused on real learning than rote learning, like in the past. The classroom dynamics and the teaching strategies have completely changed. This has made learning a ‘fun’ thing for children. But with the changing times, the real problem has come up for parents.

While interacting with parents in these last few years, i have realised that there is a huge gap that needs to be bridged. Parents have come up to me regularly with innumerable questions about teaching and learning. The way they learnt things in school is quite different from the current system of teaching.

To help the parents with teaching and understanding their little ones, i decided to write this blog. In my future posts, i will explain and cite examples of how you can teach your child at home in accordance with the current methods of teaching. If you would like me to cover any particular topics or have personal queries, kindly message me about the same. I  will try to cover as many topics as possible.

From a teacher, i will try to be your friend and guide now to help you; i.e, the parents, in your journey of new age learning.

Jasmine Aul