10 Ways to strengthen the wrists and improve fine motor skills.

A shoutout to all you lovely parents out there. I hope you are enjoying the summer with your little angles. In my previous posts, I shared some ways you can help your child in developing their fine motor skills and finger dexterity. Mostly we concentrate on these two and forget a very important aspect that is imperative for strengthening the fine motor skills; i.e, the wrists.

In today’s post I will share a few activities that can help:

  1. Opening bottle caps– This is a day to day activity that you must encourage your child to do. Usually, when the children come to me with their bottles and ask to open the caps, I encourage them to do it on their own first. Let them try first, for every time they twist the cap, they work on improving their fine motor skills.
  2. Sharpening the pencils– Another small activity that requires the children to twist  their wrists and work on their fine motor.
  3. Work with the glue sticks– Activities like ‘tearing and pasting’ are fantastic for fine motor skills. It works on the hands while tearing bits of paper, pasting and the wrists while twisting the glue.
  4. Open door knobs and taps– Make you child independent and work on their fine motor skills at the same time.
  5. Kneading dough/ clay- This requires pressure of the entire hand and wrists and is a fun activity for children.
  6. Mix it up- Give them a spoon or ladle and ask them to stir things that you feel are safe. Give them a glass of juice or milk and let them mix the sugar in it. It works wonderfully on the wrists.
  7. Vertical Boards- Let them work on black/ white boards and let them write with chalks or white board markers. This requires the right amount of pressure on the wrists and the children love writing on them.
  8. Wring those clothes– Ask your little ones to wring the clothes before you put them out for drying. They could also use a sponge to wring and clean things or paint with it.
  9. Colouring– Always encourage your child to colour, even if they scribble. This works wonders!
  10. Play dough– Like I shared in my previous post, knead some dough at home and add food colouring to it. Let your child unleash his creativity while playing with the dough. This activity works on the entire hand, fingers and wrists.

Try out these activities and the ones I shared in my previous posts and do share your feedback with me. In my next post, I will share activities that help in building the gross motor skills. Enjoy your summer and make the best use of this time.

Stay tuned!


Author: newagemomsblog

A teacher, poet, writer, blogger. I am here to help parents in understanding the current system of teaching and learning.

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