Hooray! Summer Break is here.

As a teacher, every year I see the excitement level of my children touch the ceiling when the much awaited Summer Break is around the corner. Each one of them has plans of either traveling with family, meeting their grand parents, playing with siblings, watching their favorite cartoons and what not!

On the other hand, the parents usually come up to me asking about assignments for home, what they must teach their children during the break or how they should keep them engaged. But I have one thing to say to all the parents out there, “Do you remember your school days when you waited for your summer holidays? Did you want to study all day?” I am sure the answer would be, “No”.

All teachers see how the children change post their summer break. This is an observation we make every year. It isn’t what they studied that makes the difference. It is the experiences they gather, the activities they engage in, the interactions they have and many more little things that make a difference.

As for home assignments for Early Years, well I always have one answer, “Spend time with your child. Read out to them, play with them, take them out to see the world, create memories and experiences. That is how you can teach them best”.

I will share a few activities in my next blog that you all can do at home with your child which will help them in developing their fine and gross motor skills, keep them engaged in a constructive way. However, this year, gift your child your time and create some everlasting memories. Nurture your child with love and experiences and see how he blossoms. And remember:

“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. But work through play, makes him wise and gives him joy.” 



Author: newagemomsblog

A teacher, poet, writer, blogger. I am here to help parents in understanding the current system of teaching and learning.

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